Book 2 – First draft is DONE.

In my last update, I mentioned that I was working on the final chapter of Book 2 in the Terwilliger trilogy. After months of pushing through it, that monster of a last chapter is finished. That one chapter turned out to be 20% of the total book, almost exactly 40,000 words. I’ll be splitting it up into at least 4 smaller chapters to make it more readable… but hopefully that explains why that one insanely complicated chapter took me so many months to get through.

With that, the first draft of the novel is complete. The next step is rewriting and editing, which (unfortunately) takes a long time. The good news is that this draft is relatively close to what I would consider presentable — as compared to the initial draft of FOREST, which I basically wrote a second time from the ground up because I was not satisfied with the original. Even so, it will probably take several months to get through the rewrite phase.

Thanks, as always, for being patient.


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