forest_final Music of the Machine - Kindle Final
Book 1: Forest of the Mind  Book 2: The Music of the Machine 
Ever since Ed Terwilliger’s wife was murdered, his life has become a daily struggle against despair. When the old ceramic gnome in the garden starts talking to him, he fears that the last remnant of his sanity has finally slipped away.But Ed is not crazy—at least, not yet. The gnome is real, and it knows the truth about why Ed’s wife was killed. To find out its secret, Ed will first have to join forces with it to defeat its old enemy: the leader of the Society, a powerful telepath who plans to destroy the world. As the war drags on in Vietnam, a mysterious man named Elmer Nosgrove has worked his way deep into Nixon’s White House. Using the war as a distraction, Nosgrove has created a weapon that will enable him to overthrow the old order and rule over what’s left of the world. And now that weapon has been stolen by someone even worse than Nosgrove.Ed Terwilliger, having narrowly escaped death on several occasions, would like nothing more than to settle down and forget his past. But his little group of followers, who call themselves Eddites, believe that it’s Ed’s destiny to lead them against the dark threat in Washington. As much as he’d like to avoid this fight, he knows that it’s up to him to do something.

To prevail, Ed will have to infiltrate Nixon’s closest henchmen—known as the Plumbers—and find Nosgrove’s lost weapon before its power is unleashed.

2 thoughts on “Books

  1. Eva

    Really looking forward to the next book. Rich and well considered history. Waiting patiently. Even an update would be wonderful. Thanks.

    1. Eva, thanks for being patient! The good news is that I’m very close to being done with the first draft of Book 2. I am writing the last chapter now and expect to be done with the draft in the next couple of weeks. Then I have to go back and do some revisions and cleanup. So it’ll be a little while yet, but I’m getting closer.

      For a bit of background, the second book gets into Vietnam and the inner workings of the Nixon administration, both of which required a good bit of research. My plan is to write a trilogy, with one book taking place in the 1960s, one in the 70s, and the last book in the 1980s. I have the basic outline of the third book already sketched out, so I have a destination in mind although the endpoint sometimes shifts as I get closer to it.

      Thanks and I’ll try to post more updates from time to time.

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